October 28, 2012
This year is actually the first time I celebrated Halloween throughout my entire life. Yeah, I don’t know why I’m so boring. BUT I’M GONNA START CELEBRATING EVERY YEAR ALREADY COS IT’S SOOOOO FUN!!!
It was a super impromptu decision to party. Got my costume on the day itself at Masquerade, headed home to rest for a bit then cabbed down to Mich’s place so she could help me with the hair. Yeah. I don’t know how to tong my own hair, fml. I really need to learn.

We finally got ready at like 10ish and the boys were already waiting for us there. So… are you ready to meet the rest of my halloween crew? (:

Zee, some kinda pilot or plane staff!

My soldier boy who looks like dictator aladeen -.-

Mich the forest fairy, and Jp the safari man but he looks like a Jap soldier to me.

Sometimes I really wonder if all your ugly faces is a talent or a downfall. Why oh why.

Alex who randomly borrowed horns from Merry staff. Nathan who looks like Woody from Toy story to me!

Tim, obviously the superman. 

Serene the pussy. HAHAH ok serene the kitty cat <3

Seeeeeee this is what I mean.

Not very sure what Kalyn is, but she looks like the magician’s helper to me. Sophie calls herself the skanky gypsy, and yutaki the sailorman. Don’t know him personally though, but obviously I know who he is. 

Sofie is a blood tearing doll I think. So poor thing, she got an eye infection!!

I think this is extremely scary!!! IT LOOKS TOO REAL OMG

Pity this guy, must be perspiring like mad underneath. Anyways, why is Singapore so friggin hot now?!!


Grabbed some photos off Qing yu’s fb!

Group picture!! How fun the picture looks when everyone’s dressed up differently! I love theme parties 😀

Band of brothers.

Bang bang, I shot you down.
So as you can see, my halloween night at Zouk was really a ball of fun! Wanted to go as a pirate but it was too last minute so I settled for wonderwoman which is still quite cute!! 
Daniel and I also went for Spooktacular for our 3rd year anniversary. Actually we wanted to book USS horror night but I booked wrongly so we ended up at BORING AS HELL spooktacular. 
Every single haunted house has a queue of 1 hour!!! YOU MAD BRO?!! So boring still want people to queue for an hour. We left within 1.5 hour cos we went into one haunted house, and there was absolutely nothing interesting or scary about it. Walked out and we were like, wtf seriously that’s all???

That was us before reaching fort siloso, looking excited cos we expected something better!
I was really super super disappointed to such a point I didn’t even want to talk during the bus ride out Sentosa, but Daniel is always always a sweetheart trying to make me happier. We ended up having heart to heart talk during the long bus ride and supper, walked from Jurong east to my place. So much happier doing simple happy things with him. 

Saw this while walking back home, so cute!! I literally squealed when I saw it. How can such a cute thing be near my house and I don’t even know?!! I feel like walking pass it everyday now hahaha.
It’s monday morning and I can’t wait for Daniel to book out already. We kinda quarrelled last night, ok more like I was unhappy with him for something. And I was damn pissed of with him until today, like super. But he just has his magic on me. We just need to talk things out, and he being himself can cheer me up a lot already.  Can’t wait for him to book out! It’s his birthday this coming weekend 😀
Gonna sleep now, goodnight xiao mei mei men.

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