♡WEEKEND♡ {Johor Premium Outlet + Cosy Corner}

September 27, 2012
*Note : I’ll not be taking anymore questions regarding BKK or anything that affects TJM’s confidentiality on formspring anymore as it’s been ongoing for very long. I’ve already done a BKK guide here and TJM’s story here so I hope those posts answer all your questions. Will be ignoring any questions pertaining to these two topic from now on. Hope you girls understand (:
I have been wanting to check out the new outlet stores in Johor(JB). Daniel’s brother wanted to get something from there last Sun so we made an impromptu trip in!
It’s about 20 mins drive from the JB custom! 
They have quite a lot of brands there. The more common ones would be Versace, Coach, AX, Burberry, Raoul, Ralph Lauren, Esprit, Cotton On, La Senza(!!), Tumi.
Super horrible picture of me. My face looks like a fishball, but that’s the only picture of us 🙁
Father and son susheelan (:
Decided to try out the crepes but it’s soooo bad :/
Look how empty it is!!! It’s like just eating flour!
Headed to Sentosa(the one in JB) for tze char dinner, so yummy and cheap! I think it was RM$150 for 6 of us, and we ordered like 8 dishes?
Didn’t buy much from the outlet stores cos I didn’t go financially prepared, and also cos most of the items there are old stocks so it’s not very nice. Bought chocolates cos I was craving for it. Got Kiehl’s moisturizer cos I finished my Shiseido and Hada Labo one! I don’t think it’s a lot cheaper also but I needed it. La Senza there is DAMN worth it though!!! Bought 3 bras for RM$96 (SGD38)!!!!!!! SINGAPORE IS SELLING THE SAME ONES AT 3 FOR SGD$99. 
Sobzzzzz, I feel like shit now because I spent SO MUCH money in Singapore’s la senza already!! I’m going to JB to buy la senza from now on! I HATE YOU TAX AND MARKUPS!
I was a bit upset over some personal matter when I got back. Daniel’s sooooooo nice to me cos he always tries his best to make me smile when I’m down though I’m quite hard to please at times. 
Then he said “Tell me what I can do to make you smile, I’ll do anything just to see you smile” <3
I told him I wanted him to stay up to talk to me and I was craving for Macs, so that’s him calling Macs at 4am just to make me smile (:
♡ Ai si ni le ♡
My childhood doll which I love a lot! 
My lover and best friend! LOL, LOOK AT HIS BOXERS!! I “made” it for him. It looks mad stupid cos I sewed floral pockets on it, and stitched words like “chocolate” and “bubbles”. Still pleases me a lot that he still wears it 😀
Monday hairdo taken from my instagram (@sophiachong)
This was the next day @ coronation after going to SIM to pay for enrollment fees.
Kueh pie tie, mee siam and beef teriyaki rice!! One of my favorite places for popiah and kueh pie tie!
587 Bukit Timah Road  Singapore 269707

6463 8286

Now he’s in camp and I can’t wait for him to book out tmr. He just called me not long ago and it was the best 20 minutes of the day. Always so gleeful to talk to him :’)
Some other pictures from my instagram (:
Oreo rocking my new headband m/
Both knotted maxi(there will be grey also) and polka dotted bikini will be up in October’s collections (:
Ps. bikini is NOT a JUICESEA design. Juicesea #4 will also be up in October!! <3
Photoshooting tomorrow, goodnight little ones!

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