Philip Morris Party X Serene’s 21st

September 25, 2012
Sorry for the lack of updates, been an extremely busy week!
Blogging from my BKK hotel room now at 2.44am though I’m damnnnnnnnnn tired.
Just a random “outfit” shot from last week’s dinner with Linc and Vera!
No pupil enlarger! I have natural big pupils, be jealous ^^
Last week was the F1 week so there were a lot of parties going on! Sofie invited me to Philip Morris party at Catalunya together with some Zoukkie regulars (: Brought Mich along!!
Mad love maxi stuff!! I just bought another maxi dress today heheh.
Salon Vim was super kind to set my hair for the event. I didn’t know how to blow dry or style my hair so I went down to style it before the party. They even taught me how to blow dry it so my curls look even nicer than it already is! So much love for them <3 Gonna blog about them soon!!
Theme of the night was red and black!
Didn’t even know who the F1 drivers were when they came out. Just take photo first. HAHA.
I only realised the next day that the driver was Alonso. Quite famous one right? Oh wells~~~
Singapore skyline’s pretty nice at night!
Taken while waiting for Daniel to dress up. Can you see me wriggling my toes?
Headed to MBS hotel on Saturday afternoon for Serene’s(my little mermaid <3) 21st!! Went earlier so Daniel and I could swim at the infinity pool before the party started.
Hardly any make up on = swimming face
We managed to catch a glimpse of the F1 orientation while swimming. The skypark was overall a very nice experience, just didn’t like the amount of tourists!
Dinner @ Caffe B! Pretty yummy and affordable pizza!

Yay Daniel wearing the shirt I bought for him (:

Daniel and his long lost ex-church friend!
HAPPY 21ST SWEETHEART <3 Love you so much!
Baked by Ser’s friend!
Gonna blog about part II of my weekend soon (: I’M BEAT.
 May God bless me with nice clothes tomorrow so I can bring them in for TJM! 
Restocked headband A & B also (:
RATREE SAWAD (Goodnight in thai)

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