My weekend!

September 16, 2012
My weekends nowadays are mostly spent walking around in town with Daniel or just chilling at home with him cos that’s the only time we get to see each other throughout the entire week :/ But I promise I’ll be back with more interesting pictures for next weekend!!
Just before meeting Mich on Friday afternoon for lunch + pv cupcakes + do TJM work at coffeebean!
I don’t know why but I suddenly had menses that day and I didn’t even feel anything so I stained my blue daisy shorts 🙁 so unlucky!!!

Living in the age of Apple. Everything Apple. Iphone, Ipod, Mac…
Anyways, Sunrise ice-blended and Hazelnut latte are my favorite drinks in Coffeebean (:
Attended Velvet’s 18th anniversary at night (: The theme was midnight garden so there were a lot of flowers in Velvet. Sofie sent me sneaks of Velvet entrance in the afternoon and I was so excited to go cos it’s really EVERYTHING FLOWER!! Velvet really became a garden that night, so pridddddddy.

With my qt Nat <3 so lucky her table was next to Daniel’s!!


Theme dressing is fun so I wore Bondi girl set from TJM!! You can get it here (:
Went over to member’s to find Jovene and Nicole!

She can tie my dream ponytail, I can’t :'(
But nvm, I’m going to Salon Vim tomorrow to do my hair!! Clueless about what I want to do so shall consult them and decide when I’m there. I CAN HAVE PRETTY HAIR TOO ^^ 
Good week ahead girls!


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