September 2, 2012
Ps. Sorry I’ve been very inconsistent with my captions. From now on, all my captions will be below the picture.

Carmen’s friend recommended us to go to Potato Head Beach Club so we headed there in the afternoon.

Bloggers hard at work again hahah.

Potato Head beach club is located at Seminyak area. There are many surrounding shops and beach clubs which all look very “indie”. Shopped there on the last day! 
Jeneen and I!

Tricia and Reiee!

So, there’s an infinity pool right NEXT to the beautiful stretch of beach. The whole place is just extremely gorgeous and the beach is breathtaking!!

These are the only sunbeds on the beach so the beach is really huge and clean. It’s completely different from those in Phuket. I like both kinds in different ways! Bali beaches have a more atas and laidback vibe/ambience, and the sand’s sparkly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gushcloud has hot bloggers ^^

Super love my white rose hairband. I’ve been wearing it TO DEATH. It just somehow matches everything I wear hahaha. Anybody wants it for $15? Maybe I can bring it into TJM and sell. The cost price is quite high so I have to sell it at $15 if I bring it in! 

Lol, if you can tell I’m actually a lot more “daring/sociable” in my 3rd day pictures. I take awhile to open up to people so I was pretty quiet and shy on the first 2 days 😡


Eurasian baby girl called Luna (:

Damn chill I cannot tank. Beach, sand, sea, pina colada. L O V E I T 

Sheena and I!

Reiee! She looks a bit korean right?

I think Tricia has a gorgeous smile! I got two friends last night telling me that Tricia is damn pretty!

Donna, Eric and I!

I think this picture is insanely nice! Just look at the water and sand!!! IT’S SPARKLING AND I DIDN’T EVEN EDIT IT TO SPARKLE!! The sand reminds me of Surfer Paradise(another crazy nice beach in Gold Coast)!

Love the horses on the beach! This one looks really majestic!

Took the three photos above from Tammy.
I kept asking everyone to go into the sea with me but nobody wanted to, and I know I’ll definitely regret if I don’t go in(cannot explain how much I love the sea) so I just went in alone without even thinking much even though the waves were huge! I swam pretty far out and I didn’t think it’d be unsafe cos I always did that in Phuket and nothing happened. BUT THE WAVES AND CURRENT IN BALI AT THIS SEASON WERE SO BLOODY STRONG. I realised I kept getting pushed out further and further into the sea no matter how I tried to swim back to the shore. Some more I was alone, so I panicked. Luckily I used my brain instead of fretting for too long and “studied” how the waves work, and swam hard when the waves were going to the shore and conserve my energy when the waves were going against me. I took quite awhile to get back on shore, but whatever it is… THANK GOD I DIDN’T DROWN!!!
Because when I went onshore, a passerby told us not to swim in the waters cos 3 men drowned and died yesterday cos of the strong current. I’m really damn lucky!!!

Kaykay and I.
Actually, my family and relatives always calls me kaykay too ever since young because “kay” is actually cantonese for “qi” and my chinese name is jiaqi so whenever the girls called Kaykay, I always subconsciously felt like responding but luckily I didn’t. Daniel calls me that too actually cos he says “Sophia” sounds too formal for him. Only my family+relatives and Daniel call me by that name so nobody really knew about it except for my very close friends!

Headed for long awaited spa session but it was such a disappointment!!
Before our spa session!
The spa really sucked!!! Paid $65SGD for shitty services, zero-ambience room, dirty bathtub! Super not worth the money :/ Don’t go there, it’s called Toya Spa!
I’ve googled for a few good and recommended spa parlors in Bali! Y’all can check these out instead if y’all are heading to Bali anytime soon (:
1. Casa Home Spa
2. Aroma Spa Retreat
3. The Private Spa Wellness Center
4. Putri Bali Spa 

Spent our last night clubbing at Bounty and Sky Lounge. The latter is better! Though the clubs are not as nice as Singapore’s/Bangkok’s, we all still had good clean fun (:
Woke up the next day at 1pm with a massive headache :/ Headed out with my roomies for brunch at Sea Circus!

The girls posing outside Sea Circus. Thought the minimal beach house renovation was pretty cool!
Sea Circus is located at Seminyak, very near Potato Head beach club and Kudeta.

Sheena and Jeneen with their ice cream!

Jeneen and I went to a random flea market. There was nothing much to buy but the typical sundresses, beaded accessories and knockoffs.

But we chanced upon a stall that sells home ornaments which I really like!!
These are what I bought! The “bowl” only cost SGD$6, and the “dream” thing cost SGD$13!!! So cheap and nice! Wish I could buy more but I was damn broke on the last day 🙁

Bought RL polo tee for Daniel also! It’s damn cheap there! Only SGD$40 for a male polo tee, and it’s from a legit POLO RL shop! Broke also buy gift for the boyfriend <3

Left for the airport in the evening and we were all dragging out feet there :/ so sad to leave Bali especially since we only discovered the beautiful beach on our 3rd day!
Anyways, we took KLM Economy Comfort back to Singapore. I think it’s a grade above regular economy class!

Every passenger with their in-flight entertainment!

Look how clean and spacious their seats are even when it’s not business class!!

See, still got so much extra space. Donna and I even put up our arm rest and crossed our legs throughout the whole flight. How comfortable!!!

Comfortable indeed (:

And our meal was so yummy! They served lemon chicken rice which I finished everything within minutes!! Hahah, I finished the entire set! This is the first time I compliment plane food. I don’t really like all the other airline food.
I’m completely bought over by the awesome experience KLM has given me. Both business class and economy comfort class were great. Their food is tasty and filling, the air stewardesses are very helpful and friendly too, and most importantly, the seats were comfortable and spacious. I’m definitely taking KLM again since I’m planning to go Europe next year! 
They have a pretty extensive list of destinations at VERY affordable prices so do keep them in mind when you’re booking your air tickets!
I did a short little video using KLM Passport app. It’s really easy and fun so do give it a try! 
It’s like a travel video diary (: 






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