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August 1, 2012
Two Sundays ago, I went down to Zouk for a flea organised by Chic Kiss Love! Went with Ange and Nat, and Nat went a little crazy with her shopping! 
Make up for the day. 
I love the weaved studded necklace so much! Y’all can get it from TJM latest collection (:
I look horrible in this picture but it’s my only picture with Nat 🙁
We were lounging in Velvet Lounge cos the crowd in Dance was massive! Hollyhoque took up the entire Dance and the crowd just kept coming in.

Jolene the Santa Claus! (she was giving out goodie bags)

Bumped into Uli there (:
I only bought things from Hungover Sundays from the entire flea. Got a skull candy bracelet and a denim corset top from them! That’s Daphne in the middle, one of the owners of Hungover Sundays! 
She’s so sweet looking isn’t she?

Word boards for us to play with! Yup, fat boss cos we were going for brunch right after the flea!

Gushcloud ice cream team ( well partial, cos the rest of them were shy :/ )!

I’ve been dying to try out Five & Dime cos there’s so much hype about it so Ange and I had brunch there since it was so near Zouk! I had Egg Benny($16) while Ange had Salmon roe pasta($18). Well, I really liked my egg benny cos every detail of the set was well taken care of. The vege salad and sauce tasted appetizing and refreshing whereas the fruits were great complements to the sauteed potatoes and excellent egg benny. Hollandaise sauce, eggs, ham and toast were all good.
I dare say it’s one of the better egg benny around. My favorite is still Hatched’s, but I’ve yet to try Choupinette’s!
We both got piccolo latte($6) but it wasn’t very fragrant in my opinion.
Five & Dime Eatery
297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338
9236 5002

It was great catching up with Ange over brunch! Love girly time like this. Food, coffee and girls is one of my favorite combo (:
Outfit of the day
Peplum top, ASOS | Tribal shorts, Editor’s market | Giant City bag, Balenciaga | Maryjane platforms, Tokyo F21 | Weaved studded necklace, TJM
Remember I did a nude make up vlog not long ago?  
Here are clearer photos of some of the Maybelline products I used!

Gonna bathe and slap on my sleeping mask now! Goodnight!

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