Quick instagram update!

August 11, 2012
1. Itacho dinner with Jia
2. Not very nice waterfall braid attempt
3. Before meeting Serene for dinner cos Linc pangseh-ed!
4. Maybelline event @ Zouk hosted by Ros (i like her!!)
5. Goofing around with Jenny after JUICE 68 shoot!

6. Photo got featured on @igsg for the second time (:
7. Ootd for dinner with Bestie
8. 2am dessert bar : Coffee, tea or churros
9. Dinner at Saveur!
10. Home-made dinner by Nat before we went for Maybelline’s event.

11. Simple ootd for today!
12. Camwhoring in the cab
13. Wahaha fiona xie liked my ig photo, so happy~~~

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Off to Zouk, tata! (:

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