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Tokyo Day 1 & 2

July 31, 2012
Hello errrbardy!
Welcome to my new blog! I’ve decided to switch to blogger cos it has a prettier layout and also a more appropriate layout for advertorials. I’ll still be using my tumblr account occasionally to browse through food and fashion pictures, but I’ll stop blogging personal stuff there. I’ve also set up a formspring account so y’all could ask me questions there instead (:
Day #1

My bbgs know that I’m going for a birthday trip so they came all the way down to the airport to send me off! They surprised me with a plane kit which consists of plane essentials like Vogue magazine, two facial masks, chocolates and even a DIY-ED boarding pass etc! How sweet of them :* I was really quite touched!

So we flew by ANA this time and it was great! The seats were comfortable (we got a 2 seater = privacy), there was a wide array of in-flight entertainment and the air stewardess were very helpful! Only downside is that the food wasn’t really nice.
Plane outfit!
TJM garden pants | plain white tube top | Daniel Yam scarf | Balenciaga giant city | Colourblock wedges from Taipei
We arrived at Narita Airport @ 8.45am after a 7 hours flight! We went straight to the tourist centre to purchase our Suica card (works like an EZlink card) and took the Narita express to the city! It took an hour so we slept all the way! 
First meal near our hotel @ Shinjuku after checking in! We just walked into some random restaurant and it tasted good! Daniel kept picking all the super authentic looking ones!

This big brown old building is a stand alone building of Isetan! It’s huge and it’s very very atas compared to Singapore! You’ll only see rich people inside! 

Daniel and I decided to explore around our hotel area (Shinjuku) after taking a 2 hours nap in our hotel! It has a lot of buildings, food stalls, and there was a stretch of red light district! Generally, it was quite an interesting place and also a good base to explore Tokyo.
So, our first stop was H&M cos it was having a mega sale! 

See the insane amount of restaurants along the street! There are restaurants ALL OVER Tokyo I swear and most of them are good!! You can’t get terrible food in Japan, it’s at least slightly above average of Singapore’s. And being the biggest fan of Jap food I am, I fell in love immediately with Tokyo.

Daniel picked a sushi conveyor belt restaurant for our “tea break” but I didn’t eat much cos I’m not a fan of raw food, yup sadly :'(

Neon lights everywhere 


It was pretty cold that night so I had a chance to wear my coat woohooo! Screw Singapore weather!

Daniel getting his ciggs from vending machine. How convenient that Japan sells many things through vending machines!! Eveyrthing there is all about speed and convenience!

We settled our dinner in this restaurant cos the picture of the raw egg bought me over completely.

Super yummy raw egg sliced pork rice and edamamae(green beans, my fav)!! Whatever you see in the above picture cost us SGD$20 and that’s considered average price for a meal in Tokyo! A simple meal without a drink will at least cost SGD$10 and an average meal in Tokyo will cost about SGD$18. 

Hahah I think Daniel looks like Aladeen here!
We hung out till about 11pm i think then we headed back to our hotel to unpack and rest!
Here’s how I organised my facial products, make up and toiletries! I’m particularly neat when I’m in hotels but never at home 😡

Our kitchenette which we barely used 🙁 food in tokyo was too good for us to waste it on homecooked food!

Our toilet bowl -.- and the washlet. ALL of Tokyo’s toilet has washlets which is damn bloody shiok!! Our hotel’s washlet isn’t very expansive but the others are pretty kickass. Imagine having your ass cleansed and dried with extra deodorant sprayed after taking a dump or pee. I l o v e i t and Singapore should totally enforce a nationwide washlet! 
Anyways, the hotel we stayed in was more of a service apartment. It’s called Citadines Shinjuku! It is really big compared to most hotels in Japan and it’s really clean as well. It’s quite conveniently located. It’s 5 minutes walk to the nearest subway and 15 mins walk to Shinjuku JR line. Did I mention how complex Tokyo train lines are?!
That’s all for our first day! It’s more of exploring and resting cos we were damn tired from the plane ride!
Day #2

Woke up at around 11am and headed to a well known ramen restaurant near our hotel called Echigoya! I read about it online and our hotel staff also recommended it to us!

Super nomz signature ramen!! 
Heard the Ippudo there is really nice but I couldn’t find one. There’s one which a lot of people raved about and they just opened an outlet in Singapore! 
Menya Musashi
Raffles City Shopping Centre

Let me know if it’s nice after y’all try it (:

Daniel’s OOTD
Aztec pocket tee, Hong Kong | Green pants, Zara | Brown suede boots, Bangkok | Watch, Fossil

My outfit of the day
Snake printed dress and gold tip flats, TJM | Black bowler bag, Cityplaza | Motorcycle shades, Taipei | Watch, Marc By Marc Jacobs | Bracelet, H&M
Our first stop on day #2 was Harajuku! It’s known to be the cosplay haven but we didn’t get to see many cos they only dress up on Sundays! We strolled down the famous Takeshita Dori to get crepe, green tea coffee and I managed to snag some awesome shades there for only $16!

Iced blended macha frap which Daniel said tasted like shit (literally). How does he even know how shit tastes like? Ewww. But I love it anyways!! Everything macha is heavenly!!

Giving me all his funny faces as usual.

So much pink there it felt like paradise (: I didn’t buy a lot of clothes from Harajuku or throughout my entire trip cos Japan fashion isn’t really my thing. Shopped mostly at H&M, Zara and all.

Walked out of Takeshita Dori and it’s Omotesando (I think!).
I’m an architecture kinda person so I admire all sorts of buildings! I love those in Japan cos it’s very original and quaint. It just shouts Japan! I still prefer those buildings in Hong Kong though cos it looks really magnificent and the night scenery is just insane.

Ridiculously pink bus ad. 

Tokyo bike? Plenty of them!! Bicycle is a common mode of transport for the Japanese cos other modes of public transports are really expensive. Cab fare starts at SGD$12 and jumps at SGD$1.60 every 200m i think! Trains aren’t exactly cheap either! One train ride will cost at least SGD$3 and it can go up to $12!! It’s ridiculous, but train is the way to go for tourist and cabs are just a no go.
I think I spent $100 in 6 days just on train rides! I don’t even spend that much on train rides in a month in Singapore (hehe cos I cab a lot :x)

As usual, Daniel will go on a hunt for any chair in the shop to sit on while I shop. Well, I do the same when he shops too!

Cupcake pop up store in a clothes boutique! Tell me how not to love Tokyo????
Walked over to Yoyogi Park for a stroll and chill from the shopping.

My handsome boyfriend who’s in camp now 🙁 

Sigh my hair is so unevenly dyed but I can’t be bothered to go back and complain :/

Daniel’s “sexy look”

Random qt toddler! There are so many cute toddlers/babies in Japan!!!! Guys there are quite hot also, maybe cos they are all very well dressed! Girls are pretty and all of them use make up but the whole lace and crochet dressing just aren’t my thing.

Harajuku JR station. Even the train station looks so nice.
We took a train to Shibuya and saw the “Hachiko” statue right outside the station. Please watch the movie if you haven’t! It’s super touching. I was telling Daniel that I might cry if I see the statue, but luckily I didn’t! I just felt a bit sad when I saw Hachiko 🙁

And this is the beautiful Shibuya scramble crossing! 
My camera does no justice to the beautiful neon lights and architecture. It’s breath-taking. Daniel and  I just stayed at one spot and admired the place for awhile. It has such a different atmostphere there too. It’s one of the busiest crossings in the world and is often featured in movies!!

Hardworking instagrammer at her best ^^

We only had about 2 hours to shop around and dined so we didn’t get to cover the whole Shibuya! Headed back to the hotel very soon after having our dinner at Yoshinoya (definitely better than Singapore!)

Our hotel room with a sliding panel separating the bed and living room area.

Obligatory toilet shot!
When the clock struck 12, Daniel suddenly whipped out a handmade card and a Burberry box. He kinda sang happy birthday to me, and I made him record a birthday message in my phone which I just listened to like maybe, 5 times today? Hahah he was planning to get champagne and cake from the hotel but our hotel doesn’t provide room service :/ 
But nonetheless, thank you Daniel. I’m more than glad that you went to Tokyo with me to celebrate my birthday. It meant more than anything else and it’s the best gift that you could ever give me. Thank you so much, and I know I fell in love with you all over again in Tokyo. Thank you for the handmade card and gift also, I love them all.
So yup, that’s my second day!! Will blog about day 3 and 4 sooon (:
Hope y’all enjoyed the post and know a little bit more about Tokyo! 
Y’all can drop me comments under the comment box or ask me anything on formspring! Let’s get it rollin’
Goodnight x

Top 5 Rising Soccer Stars To Watch In 2018

July 5, 2012

Top 5 Rising Soccer Stars To Watch In 2018

No event can possibly define an athlete’s career more than the World Cup.

It is exactly why so many people still look at Leo Messi like he needs to prove something (he doesn’t) and why Clint Dempsey still brings a proud tear to the eye of American soccer fans. The World Cup of 2014 made Mario Gotze literally an international icon, the time when James Rodriguez became the real hero of Colombians and the event which helped DeAndre Yedlin secure Spurs contract.

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The World Cup is the time when legends are born and veterans go down in infamy. And thus, make no mistake, the upcoming World Cup in Russia will certainly turn a number of new talents into the names recognized in every corner of the planet.

5 Up-and-coming football stars of the year 2018

Kylian Mbappe (PSG)
We were literally blessed with this astonishing reincarnation of “O Fenomeno” on the football field in 19-year-old PSG forward Kylian Mbappe. Equipped with quite a searing pace and an insatiable eye for the ball, Kylian is already tagged as the future of the game at his position.

And it actually seems young footballer is not really worried about himself playing alongside such soccer heavyweights like Anthony Martial, Antoine Griezmann and Alexandre Lacazette already this summertime.

Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)
Zinedine Zidane’s high demands of 22-year-old Asensio only shine a brighter light on his truly limitless potential and Zidane definitely knows Marco can be among the championship’s best.
Asensio was a key player for Spain at the younger levels, including his stellar performance at last year’s European U-21 Championship and the man is about to score even more for the senior side in Russia.

Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)
Gabriel Jesus is precisely that kind of forward Brazil always craved since the last World Cup. And there’s no denial – wherever Jesus moves, goals tend to follow.
He is a real machine for Man City, scoring 15 goals southern premier league fixtures in last 28 matches. Gabriel’s record for Brazil shows even better — 8 goals in just 13 caps.

The 20-year-old surely can lineup almost anywhere on the attack, combining stunning pace, technical qualities, spectacular finishing and world-class movement skills.

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Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)
Like any other 20-year-old, Marcus still needs to work on adding more consistency and stability to his game, but that is precisely where the player’s similarities with other young footballers end. All sorts of claims that Marcus is about to leave United shortly after Alexis Sanchez joining the club are no more than just the symptoms of an age gone completely stupid — Rashford is still developing at fairly prodigious rate.

Giovani Lo Celso (PSG)
Amidst all the star power of Paris Saint-Germain, Argentinian Giovani Lo Celso was able to force himself into the manager’s consideration to be displayed within the midfield. If PSG would still be top-heavy this season, the guy has demonstrated to be instrumental in assisting his team and providing steady balance in the midfield.